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Instrument Transformers
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Instrument Transformers, Current and Voltage Transformers up to 36 kV

Instrument transformers are devices used in electrical power systems to transform current and voltage levels to levels suitable for measurement and protection. These transformers are crucial components that enable accurate monitoring, control, and protection of power systems. There are two main types of instrument transformers: current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs).

  1. Current Transformers (CTs):

    • Function: Current transformers transform high primary current levels into standardized, low secondary current levels.
    • Applications:
      • Measurement: CTs are used to measure the current flowing through a conductor accurately.
      • Protection: They play a vital role in protective relay schemes by providing a reduced current for relay operation.
      • Metering: CTs are employed in energy metering systems for billing and monitoring purposes.
  2. Voltage Transformers (VTs) or Potential Transformers (PTs):

    • Function: Voltage transformers transform high primary voltage levels into standardized, low secondary voltage levels.
    • Applications:
      • Measurement: VTs are used for accurate voltage measurement in power systems.
      • Protection: They provide reduced voltage levels for protective relaying and control systems.
      • Metering: VTs are used in energy metering systems for voltage measurement.

Instrument transformers share several common characteristics:

  • Accuracy: Instrument transformers must provide accurate transformation ratios to ensure precise measurements and reliable protection.
  • Isolation: They provide electrical isolation between the high-voltage primary system and the low-voltage secondary system, ensuring safety for measurement and control equipment.
  • Reliability: Instrument transformers are designed to operate reliably under varying load and environmental conditions.
  • Standardization: The output current and voltage levels of instrument transformers are standardized to facilitate compatibility with measuring and protection devices.

Instrument transformers are widely used in power substations, industrial facilities, and other locations where accurate measurement and protection of electrical parameters are essential for the efficient and safe operation of power systems.

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