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Silicon and Ceramic Insulators
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Silicon and Porcelain Insulators




Composite silicone insulators consist of E-CR glass fiber composite rod, silicone rubber body and metal caps on the
ends. The crimping process of our production uses the technology of acoustic emission sensors.
Composite silicon insulators have such advantages:
• High mechanical and electrical power,
• Against environmental pollution,
• Waterproof,
• Small and lightweight design.


For many years in our country, glass and porcelain insulators were used in MV and HV air systems. Although these
materials provide the required insulation and mechanical support, they were problematic in terms of weight,
impact-pressure-to-earthquakes, brittleness and salting, and industrial-atmospheric pollution-prone structures.

Composite silicon insulators are used against the forces acting on them, short circuit currents, earthquakes and other
vibrations and atmospheric conditions, when normal operation or overvoltages occur in the system. 


Porcelain Insulators

In line with different technical standards such as IEC, ANSI, DIN, EN, BS, we have been producing porcelain insulators with high quality, short production times, narrow tolerances, flexible design, high mechanical strength and high creepage.



Isolator Accoceries 

 double strut, single strut and suspension hook in different sizes