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MV Fuses
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Transformer Swicthgear
Medium Voltage Fuses

Secondary switchgears are one of the most critical elements of power distribution. While most underground distributions rely on the secondary switchgears, whether it be air or gas insulated, many industrial projects also employ these crucial equipments.

HV fuses play a vital role in safe operation of these equipments, since they are the final components for protection against short-circuit fault currents.

The expected role of HV fuses depend very much on the application (fuse-switch, fuse-contactor) and the equipment to be protected. Therefore we are used to consider ourselves as a partner who, not only provides a top quality product, but also provides technical assistance from the fuse selection to the operation/handling principles.

Current Limiting Back-up Fuse Links  
Indoor and/or Outdoor  
Rated Current: 1A-250A
Breaking Capacities: 25kA
Rated Voltage: 7.2kV-36kV
Related Standards  
IEC 60282-1