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MV Switchgear Rubber Parts
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Transformer Swicthgear
MV Switchgear Rubber Parts

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Customer Design Rubber and Plastic Parts for MV Switchgear

Custom Molded Rubber Components
Rubber molding is a process where raw rubber or elastomer is pressed or injected into heated molds, then cooled and cured to help the product retain its shape. Rubber molding is used to create rubber seals, O-rings, gaskets, plugs and other components.
Custom design plastic parts can be done by us, with project basely produced moldings and various plastic material
Concrete Kiosk Cable Gland
Cable Clamp for Switchgear
Cable Entry Bellows
Breaker Tube Base Gasket and O-ring
 O-Ring Applications
Cable assembly
We create concepts for cable assembly and implement them from small series to large series.
Injection on Cable
There are processes made with PVC and derivative materials for sealing or protection on the cable harness or connector.