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MV Switchgear Components
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Transformer Swicthgear
MV Switchgear Components
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Circuit Breaker And LBS Charging Motor And Reductor
- Wcu Contact Parts /E-CU Contacts, Tulip Contacts    

- Auxilary Contacs /Motor Stop Contact      

Mechanical Counter
Tulip Contact (all Type/all Current)
Metal Clad-Chassis Truck
Production according to customer design with motor or without motor
Earthing Contact
3 different sizes 
Earthing Knife 
– the earthing knife is the moving part of the earthing switch in a medium voltage cubicle
– the earthing knife allows to short circuit the 3 phases
– a switched on earthing switch connects freed parts with the earth, to allow for secure working in the cubicle
- Selenoid Coil (24-48-110-220 VDC)   
What is Solenoid Coil? 
It is the structure created by using a coil to create a magnetic field or to use the magnetic field. In a simpler definition, it can be defined as an artificial magnet. You move a magnetized metal using the poles of this magnet. In short, it is  obtaining mechanical energy with electrical energy. It´s kind of like an electric piston. 
On Off Coils
For Breakers in various values
Springs for switchgear Usage
Switchgear Fuse holder fuse triger for various switchgear brands
Operating arm 
Magnetic Area Fixer
Shunt opening and closing coil