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Who We Are and Advantages To Work With Us

HAYDN Ic ve Dis. Tic. Ltd. Company and our team has specialized for almost 20 years in the MV switchgear and Transformer sectors. 

We produce and provide Epoxy Insulators, Flex Copper Bars and various components under our own brand and cooperate with instrument transformer factories to supply their products together with ours.
Our company is working Europewide with a lot of MV Switchgear factories.
For the transformer sector we also produce and provide nano core, capacitive capacitors, brass wire mesh, terminals and frames for to various factories in Europe and the Middle East.
Our company is located in Istanbul Turkey, has a sales office in Vienna Austria.
We support our customers in ongoing projects, as well as also in new project developments.
Our website is giving a general overview of our products, for more technical details please contact us. 


Our Slogan: I would rather lose money than trust. (Robert Bosch)


Our Vision: Creating new markets, serving broader stakeholder needs, and changing the rules of the game.

Our Purpose: Creating shared value, improve business and community.

Our Strategy: Committed leadership and financial investment, stay relevant in a rapidly changing world, and deepen ties with the stakeholders.

Our Mission: Generating sustained profitable solutions and growth that help our customers effectively manage electromechanical sector – more safely, more efficiently and more reliably.

Strategic Rationale: Business success is often the result of hard work and a passion. Today we follow our passion and describe ourselves as a result-driven with passion to succeed company.